maker of wine in fenian wines maker of wine in fenian wines

Fenian wines are made using grapes sourced from Sandstone Estate vineyard in Dunns Creek Rd., Red Hill, consisting of Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and two separate clones of Pinot Noir. We continue to improve the vineyard each year with the aim of sustainable practices and reduced need for chemical intervention. With mother nature on our side we always hope for premium fruit with quality in mind.

Making the wine is the fun part! All hands on deck come March and April for the beginning of Vintage and each one is always different. With our estate grown fruit making up the majority of our wines, we also like to mix it up a bit with other varieties from around The peninsula such as Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc.

All of our white wines and rosé are fermented in a mix of new and seasoned French oak barrels with our Chardonnay spending most of its life in these prior to bottling. Minimal handling is a priority with our wines but always giving the loving care it needs.

All of our red wines are destemmed and placed into open fermenter tanks for a cold soak before fermentation, followed by pressing and settling before being put to bed in a mix of new and old seasoned barrels for maturation over about 15 months. Again minimal handling is the mantra and our reds see no fining or filtration leaving us with a full flavoured Pinot or Syrah.... and did we mention Nebbiolo ? (keep an eye out next year!).

Pressing by hand in the olden days Pressing by hand in the olden days

Just like in the vineyard, we are constantly evolving in the winery. The old days of hand cranked basket pressing is just for special occasions ... or when small batches of grapes need pressing!